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After delivery of the ring is organizing the wedding, and although it seems a difficult task these tips can do to perfection without stress.

A year before the wedding

You and your partner should start thinking about the date you want to celebrate the wedding, while not determining one can propose a month or a season in which they wish to marry, it is advisable to do a year in advance. Attention 2 Detail Events must take into account the availability of dates for the church and reception of their choice.

  • Announce their engagement, some couples are not comfortable with the idea that other people know about her before their closest family commitment, so if possible before making a public commitment, make a dinner or a meeting where they can give to meet its commitment to them.
  • After that, they can be creative and to devise an original and fun way to give great news to his acquaintances, either through photography, video or text.
  • Feel and remember: it’s time that you and your boyfriend feel and talk about ideas they both have for the wedding, like the style, elegance, simplicity, etc.
  • Discuss the two (remember that is the day of the two) and make their ideas merge, so they are happy with the result that day. And based on this wedding will be defined as its theme, the decor.
  • Currently, it is rare that the parents of the bride pay everything, so it is important to carry out a budget initial taking into account the support that perhaps both parents and possibly give them groomsmen.

Buy a book and separate sections and will be able to take proper planning, or use the application, a very handy tool that can carry around on your phone.

You and your boyfriend choose the place of the ceremony: the church, the court, the house. Talk to the manager of the site, ask for information, budget and availability dates.

The party venue: begin to see and search halls, farms, gardens, etc. Write down the places they most liked and went according to their main idea. Ask quote, consult budgets, services, and dates.

Attend wedding fairs that take place in their city. They are helpful to receive professional guidance on everything you need to weddings. Information magazines will also be very useful to them. Moreover, in these places you can always find discounts and packages for your wedding.

Begin to make the list of guests and make an approximate cost per person. Determine the number of guests who want to have at your wedding, as this may change where it made and the cost of the party.

They can make the list together, maybe at first it is enormous, but do not worry, they will gradually cut it, but first, the list will be the beginning of the organization of the big event.

Defining the type of decoration both places, the color of flowers, balloons, tablecloths, dish types who want to occupy, etc.

10 to 6 months before the wedding

Choose and sign the contract with the place of celebration. Check that it will be stipulated services and costs.

Review the initial list of guests and discard or increases to more adjusted estimates. Attach their addresses and data to facilitate sending invitations.

Start looking for catering services, ask for budgets and go to set tasting menu. Look rings, see magazines and look at jewelry stores to choose them.

special_eventsIt’s time to find the wedding dress, see publications, go to boutiques and go making a decision. You can ask your mom or your ladies go with you to find the perfect dress, and remember that if you think you’ve found the perfect dress probably is, do not hesitate, it’s your dress!

Choose godparents, bridesmaids, and witnesses. Communicate to your participation so that they can prepare in advance. Explain the ladies that is what you expect of them, the role they will play at the wedding and if you need to go dressed a certain way.

Go thinking of possible honeymoon destinations in the budget you want to spend and what they need regarding documents and luggage.

The bridal bouquet and decoration. It’s time to choose how you want the bouquet and request quotes for floral decoration. Once you have the place of separate reception, they can decide the type of decoration that wants to put, size, color, etc.

Photography, video, and music: they are elements that can not miss in a wedding. Think about the type of music and photo album they want and find what best suits your tastes and budget.

The best photographers are usually separated by months in advance, they can be based on the recommendations of friends to choose one and can also ask to see your work in other weddings, this to be entirely convinced that the result will be to your liking.

As for the music: Attention 2 Detail Events can choose between a DJ or a live band, do auditions, before deciding schmooze with them to see if they agree to abide by the list of songs that you ask them.

Four months before the wedding

They are already very close to the big day, at this point should review almost the latest details as they are;

The necessary documentation for civil marriage or religious must be ready. If they go to a wedding destination like the beach, this point is critical in a folder can prepare all important papers and leave them near the suitcase they know that they will carry you, so do not forget.

Choose the wedding dress and if you already have, the accessories that will accompany him.

Hire, the florist, decorate the ceremony and reception venue.

The groom must determine the type and color of wedding suit that will also have to decide whether to take some extra adornment, such as butonniere if so decided; it ‘s time to let them know the florist to help them decide the best option.

They decide whether to table gifts. Visit shops and think about the items they would like to have. Another popular option is on weddings where the bride and groom instead of receiving an article, receive a monetary amount of the guests as a gift.

Hire music. At this point must be chosen who will want to harmonize their wedding, it is important because in the case of a live band can suggest their list of songs they want to hear at any time to rehearse that.

Hired photographer. Scheduled photo shoots necessary ( save the date, E-session to arrange events farewells, the photo shoot wedding day, etc.) and chooses the locations of them.

Three months before the wedding

  • Performs tests dress, hairstyle and makeup. If you do not like something you still have time to change.
  • Choosing wedding invitations, see how many you need and m├índenlas to do.
  • Choose and buy the bridal shoes.
  • Book the honeymoon trip, prepare all necessary documentation.

A month before

This is the time to make all the changes necessary to create, if they do not like how something looks like your makeup, costume groom, they can change, they’re still time!

It is time to make the last tests dress in shoes, accessories, and testing of hair and makeup, so you can see how it looks together and make arrangements if necessary.

Make the final round of wedding suit, along with shoes and accessories. Send invitations, enclosing a sketch (if necessary) to facilitate the arrival of guests. Reservation verifies honeymoon.

15-7 days before the wedding

Collect partnerships.

Inform the restaurant or lounge final number of guests and the layout of the tables.

Should the last test in makeup and hairstyle you’ve made any changes reschedules another test, so you see the result.

Have ready the plane tickets, passports and visa if necessary for the honeymoon.

Order the bridal bouquet, the corsage checkers, butonniere groom and parents and godparents.

5 to 3 days before the wedding

It’s time to relax, enjoy your family and your closest friends, to make the last bachelor parties.

Organizing your wedding is a stage that should also enjoy, and we are sure that with these tips it will, we hope that your wedding goes as planned and perfect for you, now … It’s time to have fun!