Waldorf Astoria Park City Bridal Shoot Perfectly Peared

corporate seminarsSo the news of his transformation is impressive: in 2017 will close its doors for three years and most of the suites will be converted into Waldorf Astoria Park City bridal shoot perfectly peared, according to reports in US media.

Of the 1,413 rooms will only be kept between 300 and 500, while the rest of the rooms of one of the most famous hotels in the world will be part of a new building in Attention 2 Detail Events.

The Chinese Company

It is recalled that the Chinese company paid him in 2014 Anbang Hilton Worldwide Holdings, which will continue to lead the property in its reapertura- about 1,950 million dollars, a record for a hotel in the United States.

When the Art Deco building, designed by the architects Schultze and Weaver reopen in the Park and Lexington avenues by 2020, will develop some who held in their golden years, when was the favorite of celebrities and businessmen, as well as figures like Winston Churchill, the Duke, and Duchess of Windsor or Cole Porter? Moreover, in its presidential suite, they have hosted every US president since Herbert Hoover.

The bride arrives on foot wound and dirty after the tragedy, with two corpses on the horse. He wants his mother to kill her, but nothing matters.

This passage begins the adaptation of Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca, who Paula Ortiz presented in the Zabaltegi section of San Sebastian. The bride is a film with such beauty that overwhelms.

It is shot in Aragon in a short time and with little means, but its value is an incontestable film. The verses that come out of the mouth of Inma Cuesta are alive and drown the viewer in a grief that lasts throughout the movie.

  • This story of passion and violence portraying people who no longer exist and a dry place where there is nothing, not touch so profound and universal themes such as adaptations of William Shakespeare but the style of Ortiz makes the film a beautiful aesthetic reference.
  • The director and his cinematographer, Migue Amoedo, fill the movie ocher and blue tones enhancing the metaphors that were already in the work of Lorca.
  • Metaphors are a history of our literature and it is not easy to carry the film medium.
  • Not all actors recite as well as making Inma Cuesta girlfriend, Luisa Gavasa of mother or maid Consuelo Trujillo.
  • But Ortiz shows high sensitivity in the screenplay adaptation handing the verses in the footage, giving the viewer breaks, inflating and deflating the lyricism of the work to avoid falling into excess.

There is something about The Tree of Life in the tone of the film, a contemplative and very plastic look that stands in the details as the horse’s hooves, the knife – shaped crystals, the moon, dress, tears .. . and although we are not facing a perfect film is undoubtedly its value and therefore it is necessary indignant at his absence in the official section of the festival.

Social Conquest and Emotional Blackmail

business gatheringPrecisely in Attention 2, Detail Events has designed one of the most anticipated titles of the festival, Freeheld. The film is based on the true story of Laurel Hester, a policewoman from Ocean County with terminal cancer who fought throughout the process of their disease so that after his death his girlfriend grant him a state pension Stacie who were denied their sexual condition.

Peter Sollett’s film does not claim anything because gay marriage is already possible in the US. Freeheld is rather a reinforcement, a celebration of the social conquest, an emotional story starring Ellen Page (and produces) with Juliane Moore.

However, this conclusion does not shine cinematic level. The film is steeped in a terrible emotional blackmail that is split equally explicit in the deterioration of its protagonist and legal injustice suffered by the main characters.

Peter Sollett signs a Manichean and tears drama, yes, a lot of gags provided by Steve Carell’s character, an activist for gay marriage so eccentric that fills this scene of laughter. His appearances are in danger of trivializing the site of what is being told, but fortunately only serve as relief for the viewer.

The Casting

There is two good news about Freeheld, one of which is the exceptional performance of Julianne Moore, an actress who is used to being the only shining in his films, remember the above Still Alice. This time adapting to cancer crudely but also with dignity, building a robust and emotional character.

The other (small) detail by a condescending viewer could forgive Freeheld their bad habits is that finally a film of this subject, as were Philadelphia or Waldorf Astoria Park City bridal shoot perfectly peared, has a protagonist that he can not be stigmatizing because of his illness.

And it’s over, and you can not scratch over the last day unless the luminous presence of Ellen Page through the streets of San Sebastian, that and the bride, who indeed Awards will take, which will cause Jose Luis Rebordinos, director of the festival, you pull hair out until the next edition.

Braided Wedding Hairstyles


Wedding day approaches, you’re about to give Yes. Before your wedding day, you have to choose Attention 2 Detail Events for the wedding hairstyle that will make you feel special.

  • Discover a selection of braided wedding hairstyles from classic to trendy through the glam ‘rock: and original ideas and elegant hairstyles.
  • Also find here the hairstyles for bridesmaids or guests.
  • Add a selection of hats and trendy looks our proposals will leave you speechless.
  • With the arrival of spring season begins weddings.
  • In these times of crisis plays tighten their belts, but without giving up the illusion that causes attend a wedding, either as guests or as brides themselves.

That’s why we have chosen a number of hairstyles for weddings this 2016 that you can do at home step by step. Gathered classic, bohemian hairstyles, semirecogidos, hairstyles for weddings with ornaments … this find hairstyles for everyone.

These natural hairstyles for weddings you can do at home step by step will serve you if you are one of the guests or the bride herself.

Twisted moño

This hairstyle for weddings is one of the easiest to do. You need to make sure the hair is ready and has no knot. Then divide the hair into two sections and bind them as if they were a knot.

When you’re done, take the lock of hair that is the part of the knot and place it to the right of it, down. Attaches with several hairpins for hair does not move. Repeat the same process but with the tuft of down, up down the left.

French knots

Comb your hair parted to the side. Take a lock of the top (for braided wedding hairstyles) and separate it into two. Tie the two pieces of hair in a loose knot and secure them with a fork. Repeat this step as if you were making a chain of your hair.

When you reach the center of the back of your head, collect the hair across her head back with forks to maintain the balance of hair but giving an asymmetrical touch that is so fashionable. This wedding hairstyle is perfect for guests who have hair above the shoulders.

Moño under twisted

Believe it or not, this is another hairstyles for weddings easier to make. Begins smoothing the hair and avoiding entanglements. Divide the hair into the nape of the neck. Then again separated into two each side and begins to tie knots as if it were a string.

When you reach the end, tie the hair with a rubber band. Repeat the same process with the other side. Now, lift one of the knots and braids hid under the end of the other. Secure it with forks and again do the same with the other side.

Fishtail on Gibson style chignon

The Gibson or Pompadour was a very popular hairstyle in the early twentieth century. This elegant style mixed with braids fish tail type desenfadas give you a bohemian yet sophisticated touch. Believe it or not, this is one of the hairstyles for weddings easier to do.

Separate hair into three sections, leaving more hair on the back. Make two fishtail braids, one on each side. After tying hair with a center section rubber and roll and clip it with forks to create a Gibson bun. Finally, you can place either on the bread braids that do not move.

Loose hair with braids

What’s easier to wear her hair with two braids? This hairstyle for weddings, one of the easiest to do, is perfect for guests or the most bohemian brides. Leave hair loose (comb through with a natural wave to add a touch more romantic) and make a small braid on each side. Give some volume to the back of the head and the two braids together there with forks.

Again Attention 2 Detail Events trendsetters and finally are brides who choose their 2015 wedding hairstyles for your day story. With all the secrets and all tips for that day, the most important day of your life, you are radiant, and your beauty is the main attraction whatever style wedding dress you choose.


The braids are the undisputed stars of this summer and extensionmania are big fans. One of the Toptendencias we have seen both in the most informal looks like the coolest events. A versatile hairstyle that adapts and transforms giving freshness and youth to any style.

Brides 2015 also point to the trend of wearing the wedding day TRENZAS. Extra large braids decorated with antique jewelry and pearls set in silver or braids root or the most bohemian, semi-dissolved and a chain broad diadem or wreath.

An ideal and perfect to wear dresses with strapless or with straps hairstyle very very finite. Necklines that share the limelight with star summer hairstyle.


The most classic brides also renewed this year and chosen for their collected ons as large jewelry or antiques belonging to the family. Gathered highly structured.

Manes are removed from the face and in this case, give prominence to dress. Necks higher form of lace and veils that wrap around the shoulders revealing a little bun and a naked neck.

Blue-and Yellow Tablescape

wedding events

Are you the typically organized group tours of your friends? Are you always involved in organizing activities in your neighborhood like that of Attention 2 Detail Events? Did you just always planning presentations and lectures you at work? In your environment when you propose to be responsible for organizing because you do it well?

If all your answers are yes, maybe you should ask to be a seriously dedicated event organizer and start working on a blue and yellow tablescape. To encourage you finish and put yourself to it, from Emagister we give clues about how to be a professional in the sector.

The primary responsibilities you have in your day to day an event organizer are coordinating and leading teams, consult with the customer preferences, design and monitor the work plan, always researching and providing solutions to all problems that arise.

What qualities must have an event organizer?

Mainly you have to have many good contacts, so long as they are your customers like to collaborate. So, start from now to cultivate the networking and do not forget to be social is an essential skill in this sector and have excellent communication skills that will help to reconcile all parties involved.

Of course, another fundamental skill is to have the capacity for work and organization; it will depend on the success of the event you organize. The future you would guarantee having a professional, efficient and discreet behavior, which will help to make a name gradually in the industry.

Find yourself in stressful situations, working against the clock, dealing with employment, personal and organizational problems are examples of what you’ll find in your day to day, so you have temperance and self – control will be of great help. If you can also do all this c

On a smile in the mouth, you have the customer satisfied. Remember that everyone wants to work with friendly and active people.

No doubt you have to be creative. Your goal is to satisfy those attending the event so be original and leave your personal stamp on every act that you organize. Also do not forget that you must be good at conflict resolution, negotiation skills and have devoted much attention to detail.

What to study to be event organizer?

The-Roundhouse_-EventTraining is vital when it comes to positioning yourself in the field, so you must take a course in organizing events, whether online or face that will allow entry into employment, either leading your initiative or working for others.

Ideally, you receive the most accurate and comprehensive training, no doubt, get in college studying the Degree in Protocol and event organization.

Once completed, this level or another, is a good idea to supplement with other more accurate studies depending on the sector you want to work.

What if I ride my event planning business?

The most direct way to get away is to start by becoming the partner of a well – placed to learn from professional. So you have the experience and practical bases necessary to make the leap responsible for your event planning company. Before you start, consider these factors:

  • Subcontracting: Based on your contacts and experience hires the best people, and Attention 2 Detail Events will be key to providing the most complete and professional service possible.
  • Money to start a business you need to have cash, because providers usually charge customers in advance and after the event.
  • Try to negotiate a partial payment in advance. You note that if you are under 35, you may be eligible for aid for blue and yellow tablescape.
  • Specialization: Focus on a particular target market, and the organization of weddings, communions, baptisms or birthdays, sporting events, congresses or where you find a market to exploit.
  • You should be aware that business services are well covered, so a good option is to specialize in event management for individuals.

Commercial actions: All the time in which you are not managing an event you must procure for customers to invest in and work your network.

With all this information, now you just have to start early and be inspired by your entrepreneurial spirit.

Lace Wedding Dress Bride Groom Couple

Event social events Attention 2 Detail EventsIsabeli Fontana married last August 9 with singer Diego Ferrero. And so show the images, theirs was an idyllic ceremony.

The link took place in an idyllic resort in Attention 2 Detail Events. A white sand beach and the crystal blue sea were the settings for the model and vocalist give lace wedding dress bride groom couple.

And what better way to blend into the environment by choosing a bathing suit for the occasion. But not just anyone. The bride surprised with a design of Agua de Coco, a Brazilian swimwear firm that created for the event an entirely transparent dress decorated with 10,000 white stones on a body simulating a bikini strapless neckline and retro panties.

A piece with a rounded neckline down his back, that revealed the body of the actress. A dress that reflected the character and personality of Isabeli. To complete her look, the top opted for the simplicity of a high bun with flowers as unique accessories.

Look Elegant and Glamorous Despite Your Tight Budget

No matter if on a tight budget for your wedding, your wedding dress should look like a million dollars. Also, if you think about it, this is probably the most expensive garment that never will buy you, so you better make it look like what it is!

Take note of these details that differentiate a quality dress cheap dress, and do not mean the price.

  • It is made with synthetic fabrics, low quality, or lace sewing machine: the wedding dresses need a lot of material, and materials like silk and handmade lace, are expensive.
  • That’s why many brands use polyester clothes to keep production costs low.
  • If you do not have a big budget, you better choose a much simpler dress with a small amount of hand-made lace will be of better quality than one that is entirely covered with a cheap material.
  • But if you want the pompous dress, and do not have the money to buy high-quality fabrics, you may consider purchasing a second-hand dress.
  • Once you send it to adapt to your body, the only way they will learn that not bought new it is if you count your friends.

It is Dazzling

corporate-eventsDo not let anyone blind! And opt for matte tone fabrics. A dress may seem made with satin sheets even if it is made with more expensive materials, just the shiny fabric you choose for lace wedding dress bride groom couple. And you do not overextend yourself with rhinestones; when it comes to making a dress shine, definitely less is more.

When you look at it, it reminds you a bit of a sexy Halloween costume: Okay you want to see boiling on your wedding day, but keep in mind that if your trousseau has in view corsetry, back lace or a neckline that reaches to the waist, then forget about you call sophisticated. Rather than make a dress with all these details, focus on one.

Be Careful of Very Tight Dresses

Your breasts cry for help: Do not have to tighten so much! The idea is that your chest goes perfectly with the dress, not to get out of it. Fortunately, it is a task of your designer or couturier keeps them in place.

There are many things happening at once: Rufles, bows, beads, lace, all in one dress !, No, no and no. To others, you’ll look like a bride who could not decide on your favorite detail. Do not be afraid to focus on one element that stands out in your dress and even leave parts unadorned, since this will create a balance and you will be much more elegant.

You decided by the strapless cut and each time you test you have to be subiéndote the top: As you read, imagine the party, or even walking to the altar and holding the corset so you will not fall. It looks horrible and tasteless.

Maybe it is because the dress does not have the exact fit to your body, or are not used to wear a strapless dress for many hours. You have to think that if never used covered in this court, your wedding day is not the day to start doing it. We recommend better to choose a dress with small strips; you’ll thank at the end of the day.

Overdid Accessories

For Attention 2 Detail Events, most wedding dresses do not need many ornaments accompanying them, as the trousseau itself is already quite ornate. And there is nothing that turns a beautiful bride in an overdose of flashy accessories, vulgar girlfriend. Limit yourself to one piece that makes you look elegant; this means that you must choose between the crown and the belt of stones, never both together.

Eliminates the possibility of seeing glamorous if you decide to walk down the aisle in a dress that is long miniskirt forward and back. Always choose a single long, not two.

Braided Wedding Hairstyle Looks

orensanz_events_spaceAttend a wedding as a guest means entering such a hurry, take care of the type of hairstyle that will look that day. Therefore hairstyles by Attention 2 Detail Events for weddings should be well chosen, and these ideas can find the best hairstyle for you.

Are you a guest? Knows the Best Braided Wedding Hairstyle Looks

  • The style that you give your hair lightly should not be chosen.
  • Pay attention to this detail can avoid trouble like wearing the same hairstyle for the bride.
  • For example, or other than the one for the place where he will hold the event.
  • These details should not be left to chance.
  • It is this reason that has led us to present a series of proposals for hairstyles for weddings ideal for guests.

Long Tresses or Herringbone

Beautiful hairstyle for wedding guests have long hair; the result is beautiful long braids. Start leaving the top slightly tousled to make the braid, the success of this combination is assured.

You can leave them loose or collected in any case they will look spectacular and fashionable. It can vary herringbone braids that are also fashionable and are synonymous with bridal parties.

Low Ponytail

Festival_Ferry-Corsten_FlashBackAfter a time out of trend, low ponytail hard to look back as a guest on a special wedding. If time does not reach to such a sophisticated hairstyle, then the low ponytail is the recommended option.

It can be both smooth and wavy hair, with bangs or front pool, with braids on top or make some crepe and make more sophisticated the queue adding more glamor and volume on top.

False Bob

Bob wrong trend is gaining more popularity, and it is no wonder when you see a celebrity like Taylor Swift wear it on special events know it’s the ideal hairstyle for wedding guests. This look has several variants according to hair length, color and thickness can can be applied within a couple of minutes.


More than a style is a perfect place to attend a wedding resource. This is one of the hairstyles for weddings is done in a few minutes highlighting the most beautiful face, just flattering features. For summer weddings are the style most recommended because its structure does not accumulate too hot?

Melena with Wreath

This is one of the hairstyles most romantic wedding guests may exist. Your choice is a wise move in the summer; it is not only its structure but the accessories that give a divine touch.

And no wonder, flowers have become a plus for the guests at the wedding. The wreath is adaptable to any dress in light colors, best of all, it can be used with loose or hair collected.

Wavy Hair

If something is that weddings have an opportunity to look sexy, and if that is the goal you’re after, then Attention 2 Detail Events thinks the wavy hair is perfect. The most sensual style is the one with ripples in the points, it’s so simple to make only minutes are required to denote a practical and modern styling.

Low Chignon

We speak of a style that has been adopted by braided wedding hairstyle looks. It is a typical dancer and hairstyle often they can be seen well in big events. His perfection is when used with long dresses, although the short dress does not make you ugly.

It also helps highlight facial features to be this pool. In a nutshell, an appropriate hairstyle for women with beautiful features.

Braid Crown

If your wedding hairstyle as a guest does not want so many accessories, then the crown braid is the most practical solution. Make a head with your hair is a plus that not every woman can give.

The ideal is to have long hair, but if not, do not panic, you can get the same effect with a false braid. For summer weddings it is beautiful and best of all is that it only takes a few minutes to get it ready.

Floral Collected

Flowers at a wedding ever clash, there is the reason why many wedding hairstyles for guests suggest this accessory. For women who live in a hurry and can not stand to make a complex hairstyle floral collected gives this output. Just only use a bra, a pair of chopsticks and beautiful flowers to look splendid.