Waldorf Astoria Park City Bridal Shoot Perfectly Peared

corporate seminarsSo the news of his transformation is impressive: in 2017 will close its doors for three years and most of the suites will be converted into Waldorf Astoria Park City bridal shoot perfectly peared, according to reports in US media.

Of the 1,413 rooms will only be kept between 300 and 500, while the rest of the rooms of one of the most famous hotels in the world will be part of a new building in Attention 2 Detail Events.

The Chinese Company

It is recalled that the Chinese company paid him in 2014 Anbang Hilton Worldwide Holdings, which will continue to lead the property in its reapertura- about 1,950 million dollars, a record for a hotel in the United States.

When the Art Deco building, designed by the architects Schultze and Weaver reopen in the Park and Lexington avenues by 2020, will develop some who held in their golden years, when was the favorite of celebrities and businessmen, as well as figures like Winston Churchill, the Duke, and Duchess of Windsor or Cole Porter? Moreover, in its presidential suite, they have hosted every US president since Herbert Hoover.

The bride arrives on foot wound and dirty after the tragedy, with two corpses on the horse. He wants his mother to kill her, but nothing matters.

This passage begins the adaptation of Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca, who Paula Ortiz presented in the Zabaltegi section of San Sebastian. The bride is a film with such beauty that overwhelms.

It is shot in Aragon in a short time and with little means, but its value is an incontestable film. The verses that come out of the mouth of Inma Cuesta are alive and drown the viewer in a grief that lasts throughout the movie.

  • This story of passion and violence portraying people who no longer exist and a dry place where there is nothing, not touch so profound and universal themes such as adaptations of William Shakespeare but the style of Ortiz makes the film a beautiful aesthetic reference.
  • The director and his cinematographer, Migue Amoedo, fill the movie ocher and blue tones enhancing the metaphors that were already in the work of Lorca.
  • Metaphors are a history of our literature and it is not easy to carry the film medium.
  • Not all actors recite as well as making Inma Cuesta girlfriend, Luisa Gavasa of mother or maid Consuelo Trujillo.
  • But Ortiz shows high sensitivity in the screenplay adaptation handing the verses in the footage, giving the viewer breaks, inflating and deflating the lyricism of the work to avoid falling into excess.

There is something about The Tree of Life in the tone of the film, a contemplative and very plastic look that stands in the details as the horse’s hooves, the knife – shaped crystals, the moon, dress, tears .. . and although we are not facing a perfect film is undoubtedly its value and therefore it is necessary indignant at his absence in the official section of the festival.

Social Conquest and Emotional Blackmail

business gatheringPrecisely in Attention 2, Detail Events has designed one of the most anticipated titles of the festival, Freeheld. The film is based on the true story of Laurel Hester, a policewoman from Ocean County with terminal cancer who fought throughout the process of their disease so that after his death his girlfriend grant him a state pension Stacie who were denied their sexual condition.

Peter Sollett’s film does not claim anything because gay marriage is already possible in the US. Freeheld is rather a reinforcement, a celebration of the social conquest, an emotional story starring Ellen Page (and produces) with Juliane Moore.

However, this conclusion does not shine cinematic level. The film is steeped in a terrible emotional blackmail that is split equally explicit in the deterioration of its protagonist and legal injustice suffered by the main characters.

Peter Sollett signs a Manichean and tears drama, yes, a lot of gags provided by Steve Carell’s character, an activist for gay marriage so eccentric that fills this scene of laughter. His appearances are in danger of trivializing the site of what is being told, but fortunately only serve as relief for the viewer.

The Casting

There is two good news about Freeheld, one of which is the exceptional performance of Julianne Moore, an actress who is used to being the only shining in his films, remember the above Still Alice. This time adapting to cancer crudely but also with dignity, building a robust and emotional character.

The other (small) detail by a condescending viewer could forgive Freeheld their bad habits is that finally a film of this subject, as were Philadelphia or Waldorf Astoria Park City bridal shoot perfectly peared, has a protagonist that he can not be stigmatizing because of his illness.

And it’s over, and you can not scratch over the last day unless the luminous presence of Ellen Page through the streets of San Sebastian, that and the bride, who indeed Awards will take, which will cause Jose Luis Rebordinos, director of the festival, you pull hair out until the next edition.