Braided Wedding Hairstyles


Wedding day approaches, you’re about to give Yes. Before your wedding day, you have to choose Attention 2 Detail Events for the wedding hairstyle that will make you feel special.

  • Discover a selection of braided wedding hairstyles from classic to trendy through the glam ‘rock: and original ideas and elegant hairstyles.
  • Also find here the hairstyles for bridesmaids or guests.
  • Add a selection of hats and trendy looks our proposals will leave you speechless.
  • With the arrival of spring season begins weddings.
  • In these times of crisis plays tighten their belts, but without giving up the illusion that causes attend a wedding, either as guests or as brides themselves.

That’s why we have chosen a number of hairstyles for weddings this 2016 that you can do at home step by step. Gathered classic, bohemian hairstyles, semirecogidos, hairstyles for weddings with ornaments … this find hairstyles for everyone.

These natural hairstyles for weddings you can do at home step by step will serve you if you are one of the guests or the bride herself.

Twisted moño

This hairstyle for weddings is one of the easiest to do. You need to make sure the hair is ready and has no knot. Then divide the hair into two sections and bind them as if they were a knot.

When you’re done, take the lock of hair that is the part of the knot and place it to the right of it, down. Attaches with several hairpins for hair does not move. Repeat the same process but with the tuft of down, up down the left.

French knots

Comb your hair parted to the side. Take a lock of the top (for braided wedding hairstyles) and separate it into two. Tie the two pieces of hair in a loose knot and secure them with a fork. Repeat this step as if you were making a chain of your hair.

When you reach the center of the back of your head, collect the hair across her head back with forks to maintain the balance of hair but giving an asymmetrical touch that is so fashionable. This wedding hairstyle is perfect for guests who have hair above the shoulders.

Moño under twisted

Believe it or not, this is another hairstyles for weddings easier to make. Begins smoothing the hair and avoiding entanglements. Divide the hair into the nape of the neck. Then again separated into two each side and begins to tie knots as if it were a string.

When you reach the end, tie the hair with a rubber band. Repeat the same process with the other side. Now, lift one of the knots and braids hid under the end of the other. Secure it with forks and again do the same with the other side.

Fishtail on Gibson style chignon

The Gibson or Pompadour was a very popular hairstyle in the early twentieth century. This elegant style mixed with braids fish tail type desenfadas give you a bohemian yet sophisticated touch. Believe it or not, this is one of the hairstyles for weddings easier to do.

Separate hair into three sections, leaving more hair on the back. Make two fishtail braids, one on each side. After tying hair with a center section rubber and roll and clip it with forks to create a Gibson bun. Finally, you can place either on the bread braids that do not move.

Loose hair with braids

What’s easier to wear her hair with two braids? This hairstyle for weddings, one of the easiest to do, is perfect for guests or the most bohemian brides. Leave hair loose (comb through with a natural wave to add a touch more romantic) and make a small braid on each side. Give some volume to the back of the head and the two braids together there with forks.

Again Attention 2 Detail Events trendsetters and finally are brides who choose their 2015 wedding hairstyles for your day story. With all the secrets and all tips for that day, the most important day of your life, you are radiant, and your beauty is the main attraction whatever style wedding dress you choose.


The braids are the undisputed stars of this summer and extensionmania are big fans. One of the Toptendencias we have seen both in the most informal looks like the coolest events. A versatile hairstyle that adapts and transforms giving freshness and youth to any style.

Brides 2015 also point to the trend of wearing the wedding day TRENZAS. Extra large braids decorated with antique jewelry and pearls set in silver or braids root or the most bohemian, semi-dissolved and a chain broad diadem or wreath.

An ideal and perfect to wear dresses with strapless or with straps hairstyle very very finite. Necklines that share the limelight with star summer hairstyle.


The most classic brides also renewed this year and chosen for their collected ons as large jewelry or antiques belonging to the family. Gathered highly structured.

Manes are removed from the face and in this case, give prominence to dress. Necks higher form of lace and veils that wrap around the shoulders revealing a little bun and a naked neck.