Lace Wedding Dress Bride Groom Couple

Event social events Attention 2 Detail EventsIsabeli Fontana married last August 9 with singer Diego Ferrero. And so show the images, theirs was an idyllic ceremony.

The link took place in an idyllic resort in Attention 2 Detail Events. A white sand beach and the crystal blue sea were the settings for the model and vocalist give lace wedding dress bride groom couple.

And what better way to blend into the environment by choosing a bathing suit for the occasion. But not just anyone. The bride surprised with a design of Agua de Coco, a Brazilian swimwear firm that created for the event an entirely transparent dress decorated with 10,000 white stones on a body simulating a bikini strapless neckline and retro panties.

A piece with a rounded neckline down his back, that revealed the body of the actress. A dress that reflected the character and personality of Isabeli. To complete her look, the top opted for the simplicity of a high bun with flowers as unique accessories.

Look Elegant and Glamorous Despite Your Tight Budget

No matter if on a tight budget for your wedding, your wedding dress should look like a million dollars. Also, if you think about it, this is probably the most expensive garment that never will buy you, so you better make it look like what it is!

Take note of these details that differentiate a quality dress cheap dress, and do not mean the price.

  • It is made with synthetic fabrics, low quality, or lace sewing machine: the wedding dresses need a lot of material, and materials like silk and handmade lace, are expensive.
  • That’s why many brands use polyester clothes to keep production costs low.
  • If you do not have a big budget, you better choose a much simpler dress with a small amount of hand-made lace will be of better quality than one that is entirely covered with a cheap material.
  • But if you want the pompous dress, and do not have the money to buy high-quality fabrics, you may consider purchasing a second-hand dress.
  • Once you send it to adapt to your body, the only way they will learn that not bought new it is if you count your friends.

It is Dazzling

corporate-eventsDo not let anyone blind! And opt for matte tone fabrics. A dress may seem made with satin sheets even if it is made with more expensive materials, just the shiny fabric you choose for lace wedding dress bride groom couple. And you do not overextend yourself with rhinestones; when it comes to making a dress shine, definitely less is more.

When you look at it, it reminds you a bit of a sexy Halloween costume: Okay you want to see boiling on your wedding day, but keep in mind that if your trousseau has in view corsetry, back lace or a neckline that reaches to the waist, then forget about you call sophisticated. Rather than make a dress with all these details, focus on one.

Be Careful of Very Tight Dresses

Your breasts cry for help: Do not have to tighten so much! The idea is that your chest goes perfectly with the dress, not to get out of it. Fortunately, it is a task of your designer or couturier keeps them in place.

There are many things happening at once: Rufles, bows, beads, lace, all in one dress !, No, no and no. To others, you’ll look like a bride who could not decide on your favorite detail. Do not be afraid to focus on one element that stands out in your dress and even leave parts unadorned, since this will create a balance and you will be much more elegant.

You decided by the strapless cut and each time you test you have to be subiƩndote the top: As you read, imagine the party, or even walking to the altar and holding the corset so you will not fall. It looks horrible and tasteless.

Maybe it is because the dress does not have the exact fit to your body, or are not used to wear a strapless dress for many hours. You have to think that if never used covered in this court, your wedding day is not the day to start doing it. We recommend better to choose a dress with small strips; you’ll thank at the end of the day.

Overdid Accessories

For Attention 2 Detail Events, most wedding dresses do not need many ornaments accompanying them, as the trousseau itself is already quite ornate. And there is nothing that turns a beautiful bride in an overdose of flashy accessories, vulgar girlfriend. Limit yourself to one piece that makes you look elegant; this means that you must choose between the crown and the belt of stones, never both together.

Eliminates the possibility of seeing glamorous if you decide to walk down the aisle in a dress that is long miniskirt forward and back. Always choose a single long, not two.