Napkin Folding Bunny Ears

Five original ways to fold napkins


This form of napkin folding is the most innovative and easy to do for Attention 2 Detail Events. When you have the folded towel can try to decorate it in some detail or reason for Christmas is, even more, resembles a Christmas tree.

Rose petals

This form of napkin folding is one of the finest you’ll find. Tables used to decorate Christmas, weddings, or any dinner where you want to leave your guests with their mouths open. It is best to do it with cloth napkins.

Christmas star

Leave your guests in awe when napkin folding bunny ears dinner with napkins folded in a star shape in relief.

This way of folding towels need a little more skill, but the result is more than surprising. In this case, it is better to use paper napkins instead of cloth.

Lotus flower

Place a source with napkins folded in the shape of the lotus flower to give your table a touch of the most elegant. This form of napkin folding is easier than it seems, especially paper, and its outcome will also help you create a table centerpiece most surprising.


Another of the most typical ideas to fold napkins are hearts. With them, you will give a stylish and original your Christmas dinners, with friends or with a family touch. Cloth napkins are perfect for this simple idea.

There are a thousand ways to fold napkins to decorate the table when they celebrate something special, and can make spectacular shapes with them.


But if you do not have much practice or time, there are very simple ways but with amazing results. You can fold napkins in the most classic way and complete the decoration with details and elements that give the final style to the table.


  • It does not have always to use cloth napkins.
  • The paper, in addition to better, maintain the fabric so that when bending, you can find a variety of patterns and colors, so that they alone will decorate the table, without supplements.
  • Before you start bending must be clean and dry hands well.
  • The steps for making the napkin folding bunny ears easier would first extend the napkin on a flat surface and fold in half left to right.
  • Then fold a third of the towel up, and another third most also up.
  • Finally, the resulting piece of a third napkin is folded back on both sides.
  • The result will be a towel with a front pouch that can be used to save a decorative element.

Decorative elements

It depends on the style you want to give to the table, you can decorate with flowers, with a personalized card with candy or sweets if it is a children ‘s celebration, with the same utensils that can be entered into or even save a little gift with which wants to give to the guests. Also you can finish the decoration napkin with ribbons, ropes from Attention 2 Detail Events, or silk threads tied around the bottom of it. And towels are ready to surprise guests with a particular table.