long table Attention 2 Detail EventsIf you are a person who enjoys working with people and having an eye for detail, become an event organizer is a possibility that you might want to consider. The life of an event organizer is far from routine and can be very rewarding. Use your natural and creative skills to make other people’s ideas come true.

Attention2DetailEvents.com can be helpful if you want to learn the basics of event organizing. Please know that this website is not related to the previous owner, Ashley Lloyd.

1. Decide what kind of event organizer want to be. For example, you need to decide if you’re going to be one full responsibility for all aspects of the party, or a partial one, whose sole responsibility is the decoration or entertainment. You will also need to know if you are going to organize all kinds of parties, such as bachelor parties, birthday parties, children, wedding receptions or parties only in a particular area.

2. You decide the price you will charge for your services as the event organizer. This rate may vary depending on the type of event you’re planning. You may want to charge a flat fee for organizing an event and then, if the client wants you to contact vendors, such as cafes or entertainment, can charge a premium for these services.

3. It offers a service that differentiates you from the rest of the event organizers. For example, offer your customers a free photo slideshow with music event.

4. It establishes a database of contacts including catering companies, decorators, local bands, DJs, and security companies if you are a complete organizer. These are the kinds of business with which connections need to be a successful event organizer. Here are some Web sites where you can set the database of contacts, such as “Direct Catering” and “My event planner” (see Resources).

5. Create an agreement in advance for your customers to sign before starting work at your event. It will serve to ensure you do not waste time and money. It is including how much they have to pay in advance if there will be a cancellation fee if the customer cancels after you have begun to organize the party, and if they will have additional costs if you want to change the initial plans for the party.

6. Get there early enough the day of the event to review your list. It is your job to ensure that everything happens smoothly, so check for example, if the audio system is on, if the signal is where it should be and whether security arrived.

What to study to be an event organizer?

location-events-Attention 2 Detail EventsThe event organizer is a professional who helps organize events like baptisms, weddings, political events, etc. Usually, the organizer usually has many professional contacts that allow you to develop your work more efficiently.

They hold all kinds of events and parties following the personal tastes of the person who hire them, although often they who decide how it will perform and organize.

Necessities of Becoming an Even Organizer Like Attention 2 Detail Events

  • Study and overcome the Degree in Protocol and development organization.
  • Knowledge means sufficient to ensure understanding of spoken and written English.
  • For more specialization is recommended courses or masters such as Master Production Management Protocol, Organization, and Design of events, etc.


To become event organizer must be a person:

  • Positive.
  • Sociable.
  • Ingenious.
  • Orderly.
  • Observer.
  • With communication skills.


The average gross annual salary of an event organizer is between 17,000 to 20,000 euros.

Event organizers are responsible for negotiating, coordinating and promoting conferences and exhibitions. They organize the venue, accommodation, and services such as catering and travel within a budget. They ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Work Activities

Attention 2 Detail Events organize conferences and exhibitions for different types of events.

Organize trade shows a particular topic, which offers the opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet face to face, and for vendors to showcase their products or services directly.

event-flooring-Attention 2 Detail EventsSome event organizers should handle all aspects of planning, organizing, and advertising. They should be clear about who your target audience, and then work out the best way to introduce them to the event.

It may be to entrust the preparation of promotional materials, such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, websites and mail advertising to attract exhibitors and visitors.

They can also use e-mail, text messaging and social networking to promote their events. For larger exhibitions are open to the public, they can work with an agency to create advertising on television and radio.

They sell exhibition spaces and ensure that the facility meets all requirements, including health and safety regulations.

They have to negotiate with the managers of exhibition space, with designers and caterers. At the end of the event, the organizer evaluates the success of the show figuring out the views of exhibitors and visitors and analyzing attendance figures.

Some event planners specialize in one aspect of their development, for example in marketing, sales or operations. They could be involved in risk management or insurance.

Sometimes they have to get the technical equipment needed for the speakers and arrange to set it up. This may include video players, computers, internet access, special lighting and sound systems. They could also be responsible for arranging transportation for speakers. In addition to the planning work, the organizers have to ensure that events run smoothly and that fit budgets.

Often they attend the exhibition or conference, oversee the registration, control the speakers and ensure that events are made on time, for example. They have to act quickly if problems arise or when someone makes an unexpected request.

Often, they organize and coordinate more than one event at a time. Most experienced organizers often specialize in organizing certain types of games, for example, large national conferences.

Many jobs require the trip organizer often and spend short periods of time away from home.

How to Become a Wedding Planner

The first thing you need even to consider the idea of being a wedding planner and this will become a profitable business is to be extremely thorough.

event_pic_Attention 2 Detail EventsThis is the first major requirement because a wedding planner is a specialist in organizing, coordinating and ensuring every detail to make that dream day is the total satisfaction of the couple who are your contractors.

While no formal career gives you the title as such, if they are taught in many places ( even online ) graduates to help all aspects for your work efficiently coordination.

To be a specialist in organizing events of this kind, you need to learn and master certain skills that will help you provide the best service and thus grow your business in this line.

Contact with Suppliers

The first step and probably one of the most important is having contacts with a variety of local vendors related to the theme wedding with those who’ve started a business relationship through which you will get special prices to compete and ensure your customers best advantages regarding budget.

In that sense, you must have efficient communication with florists, decorators, musicians, professional photography and video, makeup artists, etc.

Constantly Upgrade

People who often hire wedding planners regularly have the high ability to pay and therefore will be very hard full details of the organization.

Hence it is critical to stay up to date on the subject of fashion trends attending walkways, fairs organized by suppliers and documented as much as possible about the best details to offer a very high level event.

Attend social events and observant to take the best ideas you can then sell to your customers, remember that creativity and exclusivity are paid very well.

Organization Skills

Paramount to have an agenda, clearly communicate with suppliers and customers. If you can have an assistant and trusted people to whom you can delegate some tasks will be very positive.

Especially as stated in the top of the organization, to know that “there is a place for everything and everything should be in place”. So the order reign in your work.

Many Emotional Intelligence

As part of the wedding planning, you should understand that all work focuses on ensuring that the most important day of the bride and groom to be performed efficiently and dramatically. However, in the process, there will be many pressures, demands and especially tense moments that are completely natural especially the day of the ceremony.

You will have much ability to handle last – minute changes, solve problems , improvise if necessary and make everyone do its part to make things turn out right in the middle of a climate of nerves.

Communication Skills

Another important skill you have to develop is the power to deal with different people. It is common in the process of wedding planning you have to deal with different people “in charge” because they want to be sure that your work will be professional.

So you will touch cater to the couple, in-laws, the in-laws, other managers and it is very important that you can serve them with people skills and at the same time with strong character to avoid interfering in the process of organization even though they may have very good intentions.

It is part of the Trade

Organize and exchange of information are necessary to be successful as Wedding Planner. Contact the union of planners who have in your city and attends meetings and seminars regularly offered. This will help you be informed and always get the most benefits for your customers.

How to Become Wedding Planner and turn it into a profitable business

Now that you understand how to be an expert planner and all that it requires, it is also important to know how to turn it into a profitable business that definitely worthwhile.

First, as in any business you must make a plan that includes all the elements necessary for the operation and functioning of your business, especially considering the following tips:

Develop a brand. Be sure to print business cards and brochures which clearly you describe the scope of your services. Create a professional design to convey a powerful image to help you close sales.

Sell your services. As always we say, a business that sells, not business. If you have sales skills, you should go out and offer your services to potential customers. If you do not have the facility to sell, then you should hire the services of someone to help you sell your services and in return earn a fee for closed business.

Lean on the Internet and social networks. A marketing strategy Internet is very convenient because customers will help you get the benefits of using social networks. Having your website and in particular advertising on Facebook is a very good platform to promote this kind of wedding planner services.

I would like a catalog. It is important to have a service catalog that contains preset packages so that your customers can choose the one that best fits your budget and at the same time you can clearly know what you include and what not, so measuring the profitability of your work .

Fill a contract. Take advice with a trusted lawyer to sign a service contract with each client to protect the boundaries of what you offer. Especially in a climate of tension, the wedding day may end up demanding things that were not offered and the only thing protecting you is a contract.

Of course, if your possibilities can solve a particular emergency situation but with an additional cost without pressure to be interpreted that you had requested. Having everything in writing is the best tool to protect your integrity as a professional.

Asking for an Advance Payment

It is important that you request an advance to begin your work. 40% or 50% can be recommended and complement, a few days before the wedding to ensure your payment.

Try as much as possible not to charge after the wedding because it often happens that the couple makes extraordinary expenses, or go traveling or remain indebted to the disadvantage of leaving affected your payment.

Nor wedding day because there will be too many nerves, guests and is not appropriate. Charge 2 days before is convenient because that way, you warrant that you will comply with what is offered and you have your pay at time ensuring profitability and proper functioning of your business.

Advertising discreetly. Another key tip the wedding day is to do some advertising. You may request authorization from the couple to put some fancy banner promoting your brand, also some detail of the brand on the cake, and even place discreetly some brochures for those attending the ceremony can know how to contact you.


Being a wedding planner and make your business profitable you can provide great satisfaction. It is a type freelance business where you work on your own; you decide the time and as required by your customers. You choose the level of fees that you charge and especially when you’re available.